Oatopia Bars Now Officially Non-GMO Certified 

Oatopia Bars Now Officially Non-GMO Certified 

Oatopia Bars is proud to announce that it has received the Non-GMO Product certification from TUV India. This accreditation confirms the integrity of the ingredients used in its products and Oatopia’s commitment towards the wellness of its customers as well as the planet.

“Focus on outstanding quality and purity has always been our ethos, and this accreditation by an esteemed organization such as TUV is a testament to our unwavering commitment to our farmers and our planet,” Aditya Rajpurohit, Founder and MD, Bayside Foods Pvt. Ltd said, commenting on the certification. 

All Oatopia Bar products are now Certified GMO Free Products. This verification authenticates the integrity of the seeds, grains, proteins and other ingredients as natural, heritage strains. 

A Non-GMO Product means food that is not genetically modified. This certification for Oatopia Bars is an important milestone towards our constant endeavour to use completely natural ingredients and encourage consumers to make informed decisions and purchase Non-GMO products.

Prior to receiving this official certification, Bayside Foods Pvt. Ltd. followed strict self-imposed standards. Our mission: “Eat Smarter. Live Better” has always been about promoting the wellbeing of the planet and people by being Ethical, Accountable, Reliable, Trustworthy, Holistic, Socially, Environmentally and Economically Responsible. The GMO-Free logo will appear on packaging shortly.

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