About Us

A range of healthy bars, customized to meet your lifestyle needs and palate.

Sourced from 100% vegetarian ingredients, Bayside Foods brings you a range of healthy, handy and delicious Oatopia Bars that fuel you with sustained energy.

Oatopia Bars bring a range of wholesome nutrition bars that are fueled with goodness of natural ingredients, contain no preservatives and no artificial sweetener and come in six carefully crafted variants.

Know more about our parent company Bayside Foods


The Beginning– Bayside Foods is launched by Mr. Aditya Rajpurohit , who is a marathon runner, who has a passion for helping others to be the best they can be.

The Idea– Before becoming a marathon runner, he used to be a junk food person until he had the idea to develop a healthy, tasty & nutritious snacks for himself in 2018.

The Unknown– Taking a leap into the unknown, he converted his kitchen into a health kitchen and started creating health foods that he was proud of, and which provided him a source of good energy and were great for his mid-meal snacking. What he lacked in experience, he made up for with enthusiasm, a hunger to learn and the willingness to have a go, an approach which inspired our brand.

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