Banana State

Banana State Protein Bar is truly a feast for your senses, an impeccable fusion of protein and banana. The natural freeze-dried banana, the yummy cashew nuts, and sweet dates conflate in every morsel of this delectable fusion. Bananas packed with resistant starch not only aid your weight loss regime but also offer you a plethora of health benefits like moderating the blood sugar level, improving digestive health, and so on. Just the right amount of health infused in this scrummy goodness makes it an ideal complement to your cardio or HIIT workouts. It instantly boosts your energy and gears you up for any workout. Being your post-workout treat or your pre-workout motivation, Banana State has your back at all times. Who knew health would come at your threshold in a packet of happiness and savoriness together?

With no punches pulled, it is a delight you can’t miss out on.

So get some energy and some Banana State bars, pull up your socks, wear those shoes, and commence this healthy journey right now, right away

Oatopia Banana State


Protein bars

Banana State Box

Each box contains 10 bars


₹ 600.00