Berry Like

Berry like brings you a delicate taste of raisins, luscious strawberries, mellow cranberries, and natural beetroot powder in this flavorsome combo, it is a fusion you can never get enough of. An exciting way to flavor up any meal with a splash of fruits and an abundance of nutrients. While the berries bring a syrupy essence to this bar, the pumpkin seeds come bearing healthy fats and fibers into the bargain. You may or may not be a fruits-person but the candied taste is too enticing to miss out on. The presence of honey brings a richness of antioxidants while the oats cater to other nutritional needs.

No need to shut down your sugar cravings when you’ve got Berry like, no added sugar but a drizzle of sweetness from mulberries, cranberries, and strawberries. Treating yourself on those tedious days or refreshingly kickstarting any morning, Berry like is your token of happiness.

Welcome this spate of happiness and dive into its goodness!

Oatopia Energy Bar Berry like


Protein bars

Berry Like Box

Each box contains 10 bars


₹ 750.00