Choc load

There’s nothing in this world a spoonful of chocolate cannot fix!

Choc Load brings you a burst of chocolate and crunchy soya protein nuggets. Revel in the magic of chocolate and goodness of soya along with the right dose of protein. Choc load is your pre-workout snack, your post-workout treat, and an all-time healthy munching buddy. 55% dark chocolate with no added sugar, you no longer have to dread those empty calories. You don’t have to shut down those cravings as this delight comes backed up with a flood of protein, faster muscle growth, and better metabolism.

Happiness shouldn’t wait and health can’t be late.

This heavenly experience waits for you.

Go on this proteinaceous choco spree, lose yourself in the madness of chocolate

Oatopia choc load


Protein bars

Choc Load Box

Each box contains 10 bars


₹ 650.00