Pasty Peanut

Pasty Peanut Bar brings you an experience you can completely dive in. With a splash of flavors and deluge of nutrients, it’s a feast like no other. While the peanut butter brings you the healthy unsaturated fats, the jaggery and honey come loaded with antioxidants and a drizzle of sweetness, in this delectable fusion. The ingredients in this fusion intricately blend to offer you a plethora of health benefits while the taste remains intact. The flax seeds present in this bar come bearing Omega 3 and dietary fibers while the jaggery boosts your immunity.  This bar is an ideal getaway for a lazy weekend, a gloomy day, or a movie night.

Embrace this packet of treat, happiness, immunity, and health, this is an experience we can vouch for.

Snacking has never been this healthy before.

Healthy and tasty have never been synonymous before, this pleasure will always be guilt-free

Oatopia Pasty Peanut​


Protein bars

Pasty Peanut Box

Each box contains 10 bars


₹ 600.00