La Vanilla Box

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Size: Each box contains 10 bars

10g protein fuels you with sustained energy.


  • Post Workout
  • Pre Workout
  • While On The Go

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Our signature nutrition bars are made with the goodness of natural ingredients. From providing sustained energy to boosting your immunity to keeping your weight in check, each meticulously handpicked ingredient offers you a wholesome experience. Here’s a peek into what Oatopia bars are made of:


  • Oats

Terrific source of fiber: keeps a check on your weight and heart


  • Dates

Loaded with antioxidants that boost immunity

Excellent fiber content: keeps a check on gut health

High in vitamins A and K

natural electrolytes


  • Soy Crispies and Nuggets

Source of Protein


  • Dark Chocolate

Acts as a stress buster

  • Honey

Helps improve Good Cholesterol

Natural sugar

  • Jaggery

Rich source of iron and magnesium.

Helps improve metabolism.

Natural sugar

  • Coconut Powder

2 reviews for La Vanilla Box

  1. Priya

    One of my fav flavours perfect sweetness perfect blend of ingredients

  2. atreyaankur17

    Instead of chocolates, I gave my friends these bars and to my surprise they ordered consequtive boxes of La Vanilla!! Great job Oatopia πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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