Workout Bar

Here’s to the fitness freaks, Oatopia’s signature Workout bar is here for you.
The most stimulating proteinaceous delight ornamented with the classic crunch of almonds and sweetness of milk chocolate. While the oats come loaded with antioxidants and fibers, the almonds cater to your protein needs. Loaded with 20 grams of protein, luscious honey & rolled oats, this workout bar is an experience like no other. Crispy, crunchy with an outburst of protein, it will make your sweaty workouts totally worth it!

A classic fusion of health and happiness!

Discover the fun side of fitness, it isn’t always about those heavy dumbbells or sweaty jogs.

If you fancy a toned body then get some Workout Bar in your noggin today and dive into this universe of bliss, health, and joy!


Protein bars

Workout Bar Box

Each box contains 10 bars


₹ 1000.00